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    We believe that your wedding should be exactly what you want it to be. It is the beginning of a new life and should be everything your heart desires. There are many different ceremonies to choose from when you are getting married. You can choose one, combine several or create your own ceremony to make your day as special and unique as you are.  Each ceremony has special vows and meanings, but can also be customized to your wishes.

    One of the most popular new wedding trends is the Sand Ceremony.  It is considered a unity ceremony and was most likely started in Hawaii where the couple were barefoot on the beach and as part of the ceremony, they would kneel down and take a handful of sand from the beach and pour it into one bottle simultaneously symbolizing two lives combining to make one.  Today, most couples choose to use 2 smaller bottles of sand and pour it into 1 larger bottle at the same time. Sometimes a little is left in each of the smaller bottles to symbolize that even though the two have been joined as one, they are each still individuals.  This ceremony can also include children coming to the marriage defining the family unit as one by allowing the children to pour their own small bottle of sand into the one larger bottle along with the couple.  You can choose to use actual sand from the beaches here or purchase different colors of sand which when layered, will create a beautiful memory to keep and treasure of this special day.

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photo by Amber Ray
Photo by Amber Ray
Another very popular ceremony is the Rose Ceremony.  There are 2 different kinds of Rose ceremonies.  In the 1st one, the couple gives a rose to each of the mothers honoring the union of the 2 families and is sometimes referred to as the Rose Gift. This is usually done at the beginning of the ceremony.  The 2nd one is done at the end of the ceremony after the vows and before you are pronounced husband and wife. The couple exchanges a rose as the first gift each gives to the other as the officiant explains the meaning of this gesture.
The Unity Candle Ceremony is a long-standing tradition of couples uniting their families in marriage and can also be used to include other people in their celebration.  Sometimes the mothers each light a taper and the couple uses them to light one larger candle showing the coming together of the two families. The smaller candles are then blown out to symbolize that the couple belongs to this one large family now.  Another option is the bride and groom each lights a taper and then lights the one larger candle to show unity, but leaving the smaller candles lit to show that they are still individuals.
There are many other options to make your wedding as magical as you always dreamed it would be and we would be more than happy to help you create something that you can look back on for years to come and cherish in your heart.
Photo by Amber Ray
Photo by Amber Ray